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Documentary Short | US | 2013 | HD | Color | 5 minutes | English

“Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”

This quote by a Toronto Police Constable galvanized two young feminists to create the first SlutWalk in early 2011, unleashing an unprecedented global grassroots political movement. On Oct. 1st, 2011, SlutWalk came to New York City, and filmmaker Therese Shechter was there with her camera to record the march.

Never a movement demanding the right to dress like ‘sluts,’ its true aim was to fight the dangerous myths of rape–that a woman asks for it or deserves it–and to put the blame on those who rape. An anti-rape milestone, corsets and all, it was empowering to some, highly controversial to others. Join us for SlutWalkNYC. This film is a companion to the feature documentary “How To Lose Your Virginity


Filmor International Women’s Film Festival
Istanbul, Turkey March 2015

Athena Film Festival
New York, NY February 2014

Premiere: Hamptons International Film Festival
NYWIFT: Women Calling The Shots Shorts Program
October 2013


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