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[19] MAD MEN S05 E12 - We've Come A Long Way Baby

[MAD MEN S05 E12] - The Femmes wrap up Season 5 with a finale that began with high expectations but ended leaving us, like Stan, bored with this dynamic. There were some awesome moments: Peggy bossing around her junior copywriters in a fabulous new red suit, Joan taking charge of the partners' meeting and the spray paint, Roger and Marie, Roger and his ass, and the partners contemplating their future on their new second floor in the best shot of the episode. Unfortunately, the two main storylines, Megan's acting career and Pete and Beth's non-chemistry, were our least favorite of the season, and our girl Sally was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she popped a Midol and hid under the couch again. As we ponder Season 6 (Will Megan leave Don for Hollywood? Will Peggy rule the world? Will Dawn get a storyline of her own?) we leave you with one of our favorite lines of Season 5: "One day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away." We’ll see you next season. In the meantime join us as we sail back to Downton Abbey for their new season.

[18] Mad Men S05 E11 - How to Succeed in Business (without really crying)

[MAD MEN S05 E11] - World travel, script pitches and computer issues have kept us away, but the Femmes are back after a 2-weeks hiatus to catch up on three intense episodes! A season about the price of success builds to a climax: Joan goes from flirtatious evening with Don to a paid gig with Mr. Jaguar. Peggy and Lane both make their exits, Peggy elegantly and Lane not so much. Sally becomes a woman. Kenny becomes a man. Meghan gets a new audition dress. How will it all end next week? One thing's for sure: There will be blood.

[17] MAD MEN S05 E08 - Toxic Smog

[MAD MEN S05 E08] - The Femmes smell something in the air, and it's not Thanksgiving turkey-it's passive aggressive envy! Don ditches Ginsburg's ideas in the cab, Betty drops the Anna-Bomb on Sally, Peggy loses her shit with Roger, and Megan's friend is just all "Buy me champagne, beatch." We wonder why Betty only gets one brussels sprout, suggest Peggy try some LSD to get her groove back (and maybe give the show's writers some as well), and demand MORE STAN! So pour yourself a tall glass of Manischewitz and take cover,because we're throwing snowballs at this toxic episode!

[16] MAD MEN S05 E07 - Megan Problems

[MAD MEN S05 E07] - The Femmes are unmoved by this boring episode that asks us to care about Megan's unfulfilled acting dreams. Despite looking good on paper (Rory Gilmore! Pizza Haus! Ginsburg's F-Bomb!) we wonder what the point of it all is. We discuss Megan problems, Pete problems, Don's old fogey problems, and Cool Whip (just try it, already!). In fact, even talking about the episode bores us so much, we temporarily change the channel to Sherlock. But we’re lured back by the prospect of someone's gruesome death by elevator shaft. So light up a joint and slip that Beatles album on the turntable. We hear if you play it backwards, it says "Paul Kinsey is dead"

[15] MAD MEN S05 E06 - Mommy Not So Dearest

[MAD MEN S05 E06] - My Mother, Myse- oh God, I don’t want to be like any of those Mothers! Yes, Marie has a lot of um, talents that she has passed onto Megan. Get your head out of the gutter! I mean that they are both snazzy dressers! Well now that we have that straight…The Femmes break down this family-driven episode where we meet Marie the glamourpuss, discuss the validity of the Quebec accents (luckily we have Canadian experts!), gossip about the new power couple: Roger and Sally, exclaim over the BEST LINE EVER, wonder if Glen will become a serial killer or a computer programmer, and gush over the possibility of Joan and Peggy as besties 4 eva! We leave you with our a preview of the next Mad Femmes based on the stylings of the AMC previews. We hope you enjoy this very special podcast that is all about the mamas and their dysfunctional slutty daughters (hell ya!). Don’t be shy, slip some vodka in our Shirley Temple and enjoy this "dirty" podcast!

[14] MAD MEN S05 E05 - Wait, are we in the truth or not in the truth?

[MAD MEN S05 E05] - WTF Peggy?! WTF Sterling?! WTF Don?! The Femmes struggle to get their bearings straight after this topsy turvy episode! All bets are off after the rules have been broken. You know it's going to be a good episode when Angela's mom from My So Called Life feeds Roger acid, Peggy is a Catholic school girl gone bad (uniform and all!), Jane is sleeping in J.Lo's Versace dress, Don dares to get between a woman and her pie, and Cooper becomes Don's fairy godmother. So pop a sugar cube...I mean, pop open a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the wild trip...I mean, ride. Great, now I'm confused too.

[13] MAD MEN S05 E04 - Sad Men

[MAD MEN S05 E04] - We first had Betty Puts On a Few Pounds: An American Tragedy and now we have Pete Campbell Has Everything and Still Isn't Happy: An American Tragedy. If last episode was all about the ladies, this episode is all about the MEN and how damn sad they are. Nevermind about civil rights, these men have real problems and the Femmes dig into them. After the shock of Don's PLAID JACKET, the ladies laugh about Lane and Pete's tickle fight, gush about their crushes on both Don and Ken, ask if anyone else thought Ken was writing erotica before he mentioned sci-fi, discuss possible explanations for GUM in PUBES, ponder whether Megan was a porn star, and applaud Joan for handling yet another man-beast with class and dignity. It's cocktail time somewhere in the world so shake a martini, pull up a chair, and listen to the hilarity!

[12] MAD MEN S05 E03 - Take Two Pills and Don't Call Me

[MAD MEN S05 E03] - The Femmes jumped for joy over this incredibly empowering female-centric episode! So many amazing themes to unravel, theories to propose, and predictions to make. This season finally got interesting! No podcast would be complete without some ridicule, so the Femmes gab about how stalking was the "text message" of 1966, revel in some Don-is-a-jerk bashing, imagine Peggy in 1980’s with her shoulder pad laden pantsuit, and laugh about how Joan’s mom is the ultimate wingwoman. Also #sallyisdead #hotmesssally Light up your Virginia Slims and sip on a Cosmopolitan because this episode is all about the LADIES!

[10] MAD MEN S05 E01 - ZouBisouBARF

[S05 E01] - MEGAN, megan, MEGAN! The Femmes rejoice and ridicule the return of Mad Men. A moment of silence for the good fashions of the past, WHERE THE HELL IS BETTY?, "Fuck You Megan", the new "Dick Whitman" sex game, question whether Betty ever had an orgasm and request MORE SALLY! Pull your bottle of bourbon out of your desk, have a midday drink, and enjoy the rowdy discussion!