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[65] Downton Off-Season - The Queens of 2015

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 9] - It's a super-packed conversation in our last episode of the off-season before the (sob) final season of Downton Abbey begins. We're preparing, reminiscing, and predicting, and one of us might be taking a deeper dive into fandom activities than ever before (send 1920s garb now!).

Helping us fill some of the time before the Crawleys and company return is Netflix's Jessica Jones. We dig the themes, the ass-kicking, the piles of well-written women, and the simmering hot Luke Cage-but we do have a few issues, such as whether the 13-episode binge really serves the story, or why Jessica hasn't yet encountered 21st century denim technology.

Finally, to close out the year we each count down our five favorite female characters of 2015. Some picks are predictable, some are surprising, and if you can guess which single character shows up on all three lists, you know us better than we know ourselves. Grab a bottle of bottom-shelf whiskey out of your battered PI desk and join us for one more episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season!

[64] Downton Off-Season - Dance The Shit Out Of It!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 8] - This episode celebrates The Dance, and who better to title it than Zoe Saldana's epic Eva in beloved teen film Center Stage. We take a nostalgic trip back to that 2000 ballet classic, but first we talk about Starz's (sadly) limited series Flesh and Bone. This story of a simple girl from Pittsburgh who becomes the toast of the ballet world embraces the tropes we love, from the bloody toenails, the aging prima ballerina, and the eating disorders. And some even darker fare, like a Russian mobster with a sex slave racket, the magical homeless person, and a dance company director who reminds us of Deadwood's Al Swearengen (bear with us here).

We also revisit another dance-filled extravaganza Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to see how we feel about the show after 5 episodes (hint: we love it almost more than Rebecca loves Josh, if that's possible). And finally, we check in with the Amazon pilot Good Girls Revolt, about 60s-era women in journalism. Will we find our new Peggy Olsen? It remains to be seen. So grab some painkillers, slip on your toe shoes, and enjoy our latest episode of Downton Gabby Off Season.

[63] Downton Off-Season - Fall LadyShow Roundup

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 7] - Fall TV has just begun and we are treating it like a big appetizer sampler. We run through our opinions on new buzzy shows like Quantico and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend while also touching base with some old faves Nashville and Jane the Virgin.

Then we dive into a big discussion on Nancy Meyer's latest film The Intern, which we would love to re-write as The CEO. The damsels have A LOT to say about this movie that doesn't fail on every mark, but yes, many of them. We also look at Nancy Meyer's career as a whole. Lots to love and still lots to discuss. So pop open a beer and take a sip each time we talk about a new show ;)

[62] Downton Off-Season - While You Were Hacking

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 6] - As the Damsels count down the days until the final season of Downton (and weep over the first glimpses of the end), we're also game to check out a show that pokes fun at our beloved Abbey – Comedy Central's Another Period, filled with horrible people doing horrible things to each other in the most hilarious of ways. Then it's on to the summer's surprise hit, Mr. Robot. We're not sure what we love best: the style, the anarchy, or Rami Malek's dreamy face. But we're not without suggestions for how the show might get even better in Season 2 (and we've got something to say about the female characters, naturally).

Finally, we argue about the charms and disappointments of Amy Schumer's Trainwreck, discuss what's become of the Rom-Com these days, and shock each other with some of our faves and not-so-faves of the genre. Grab the leftover champagne from your Fabulous Dog Party and join us for another episode of Downton Abbey Off-Season!

[61] Downton Off-Season - All The Feelings!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 5] - The Damsels are so emotional, with Joy, Anger, Sadness...and some Hot and Bothered. We start with Pride and Confusion over DOWNTON ABBEY's Emmy nominations and a new pilot for Michelle Dockery. Then, INSDIE OUT fills us with Sadness, which is actually a really good thing (except for our Disgust with the opening short Lava, which is even more sexist than a CBS sitcom). It's Joy versus Anger over Netflix's new sci-fi series SENSE8, but we're all Gratitude for Wolfgang's magical full frontal.

At ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, we're feeling Fear for anyone who messes with Piper, Red and especially Pennsatucky and Boo, and we're Kvelling (with Jewish Joy) over Cindy's religious revelations. How are you feeling? Steal some champagne from the UNREAL set and join us for the many moods of Downton Gabby Off-Season.</description>

[60] Downton Off-Season - Feeling Stabby!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 4] - The Damsels are still on the "Game of Thrones" bandwagon (despite the several public defections) as we talk about the season finale: Jon Snow's really bad day (or is he?), Cersei's epic Walk of Shame, and Arya gettin' stabby with it at the brothel. Why is the girl aggrieved? Maybe it's because this season's GoT had not a single Lady Director. Just a theory.

We continue our Fellowes Film Festival with the Julian-penned "The Young Victoria," a feminist-approved historical romance which had us scrambling to the Wikipedia English Royalty entries so we could get all the first cousins straight. Plus all the Downton news and updates you know you want (Lord Grantham in a leisure suit, anyone?) So grab a drink from the Many-Faced-God (actually, don't) an join us for this rowdy episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season.</description>

[59] Downton Off-Season - Return of Queens

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 3] - Don't worry, you are not in a time warp. It's only been two weeks since our last podcast, but we decided to record a bonus podcast based on popular demand of wanting to hear our opinion on the Mad Men finale, the Sansa wedding episode of GoT, and the awesomely feminist movie: Mad Max.

So buckle up for this high-octane podcast that pays homage to our last Stangasm. Pour yourself a bloody mary, smudge oil on your forehead and let's show those men's rights activists that the only return that's happening, is the RETURN OF QUEENS!</description>

[58] Downton Off-Season - Deliciously Nasty

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 2] - The damsels take a trip to Robert Altman's delicious 2001 film Gosford Park, a triumphant Oscar-winning moment for Julian Fellowes, and the inspiration for Downton Abbey. How does his collaboration with the dark and nasty Altman hold up? Which actors laid the foundations for their Downton counterparts? And what is Ryan Phillippe doing in this movie?

From there, the discussion turns to the TV we're watching. How is Game of Thrones streamlining GRRM's unwieldy narrative? Did freshman show Jane the Virgin stick the landing in its finale? Who are we worried about on Call the Midwife? And how will we say goodbye to Peggy Olson, Joan Holloway, and the gang from Mad Men? We're going to need a lot of moral support this Sunday night! Pour a melancholy martini, stare pensively out your office window, and join us for a new episode of Downton Gabby: Off-Season.

[57] Downton Off-Season - Shadow Of A Dick

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 1] - We couldn't stay away from you, dear friends, so welcome to Downton Gabby Off-Season! We'll be here once a month until the final season of Downton Abbey starts (sob!) to discuss news and speculation about what's to come in the Downton world, previous works by our favorite Downton folks, and what other pop culture we're consuming to help us get by.

Today on the podcast, it's all about the surge of springtime shows. Is the storyline on Outlander satisfying us from a feminist and/or a sexytimes perspective? Are the women of Mad Men getting good enough moments to help us slog through the story of Don's latest Mortality Affair? Can we discuss any show's impending finale without revisiting the best and the worst of all finales that have come before?

Plus: A pre-Downton gem from our friend Julian, pubic hair politics, Clone Club doubts, and Call The Midwife's love affairs with Jesus (who surely would have supported our campaign for equal opportunity actor nudity). So mix a gin and Campari cocktail for the gals and join us for the first episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season!

[39] Downton Off-Season: You're Gonna Make It After All

[Downton Off-Season] -Goin' back to Cali? No, we don't think so. More like Philly. In the season finale of both Mad Men and our podcast, the Damsels discuss the long decline of Don Draper that no amount of LA sunshine will ever to turn around. We bid goodbye to our favorite womanizing alcoholic father-of-the-year, as well as some of our other favorites from Season 6.

[38] Downton Off-Season: Dick In A Box

[Downton Off-Season] - Still depressed from the worst wedding ever? The damsels can't enough lady vengeance, with assassin Arya, the thoughtful gift sent to Asha, Ygritte's badass archery. But we pass on Dany's Mother Teresa. Over in Mad Men, Don is another kind of dick in a box, we just wish Pete would let his mom have her imagined orgasms! Also, Bob Benson is Gay.

[37] Downton Off-Season: Till Death Do Us Part

[Downton Off-Season] - Well, don't say we didn't warn you…The Damsels throw pillows, shed tears, and then resign themselves to the inevitabilty of The Red Wedding. We love our newest Odd Couple Arya and the Hound, and continue to fantasize about Geoffrey's gruesome death. At 19:45,we're traveling at the speed of light to 1960s New York, where Brandi gives us a shocking confession about swapping spit with Jon Hamm.

[36] Downton Off-Season: A Shot in the Ass!

[Downton Off-Season] - The damsels are back and digging into three great episodes! Let’s start with the Nashville finale where there was so much melodrama we had to make a list of things that DIDN’T happen just to keep track of the things that did. At 14:20 we switch to the biggest shit show wedding in history on Game of Thrones. At 23:00 we take the shot in the ass no one saw coming on Mad Men.

[35] Downton Off-Season: Mergers And Accusations

[Downton Off-Season] - Mad Men, Nashville and Game of Thrones! Everyone was excited to ditch Sylvia and get back to business! Sorry, Linda Cardellini! Even though it’s nice to see Pete’s life go to shit, we are saddened by the imminent loss of Trudy and hope that she and Betty join a gun club to work off some steam from their shitty marriages or maybe to fend off the soon-to-be serial killer: Bob Benson.

[34] Downton Off-Season: Papa Don't Preach

[Downton Off-Season] - Looks like one is winning Father of the Year among this motley crew of dads! If it isn't Tywin Lannister selling his son and his daughter into unfortunate marriages, then it's stories of Danaerys's Mad Dad Aegon threatening to open a can of wildfire on all of King's Landing. Over in Mad Men land it's no better: Ginsburg's dad is meddling in his most personal affairs while uptown it comes as no surprise to anyone that Don doesn't really care about his kids.

[31] Downton Off-Season: Lend Me Your Ears

[Downton Off-Season] - The long-awaited return of Mad Men: Don is having an affair with Lindsay Weir! Meghan is an actual soap star! Peggy is killing it at her new job! She and Stan are besties! Ted Choaugahugh is kind cute in a tux! And everyone is getting high! What's with all the new Man-Hair? What's behind Betty's rapey pillow talk? And most importantly, who's that girl with the violin? At 21:10 we move on to Game of Thrones and Meera's impressive arsenal.

[30] Downton Off-Season: More Butts!!!

[Downton Off-Season] - Since winter is coming (which is too cold for tits to be out), the damsels are on a campaign more male nudity on Game of Thrones. At 16:30, we switch gears and dish about the latest episode of Nashville. Deacon + puppy = lady porn, Gunnar turned into Douche 2.0, and Avery seems to have time travelled to 1992 where digital copies don’t exist.

[29] Downton Off-Season: Babes In Armor

[Downton Off-Season] - What are our words? Season 3 is coming! The Damsels are dishing about Game of Thrones’ first two seasons of waring and wenching, and we can’t wait for what’s next for all of our favorite characters. Mostly, we marvel at the general bad-assery of our favorite Khaleesi and even throw some admiration Sansa’s way, and fervently pray that she gets to put a sword through Geoffrey’s heart.