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[56] Downton Abbey S05 E09 - Drunk Donk

[Season 5 Finale] - Another season of Downton Abbey must end, but at least there's plenty of crazy action in this finale! (Unless you are a woman who just has to stand there looking pretty while a dude shoots birds)  We've got Lord Grantham becoming unbecomingly emotional, Edith smiling (twice!), and one very sexy man motoring off into the sunset as 1924 comes to a close. 

Who will end the year happy and who will be disappointed? We gnash our teeth over romances lost, speculate about the ones that are blossoming, sigh over losing Tom to America, and wonder if we could possibly maybe for real move on from the prison story lines next year. (Please!) We also debate the Butler Power Rankings, request more time-traveling characters who could guest star, and unveil the winner of our fan fiction spin-off competition! Take a break from all the drunken caroling and join us for one last discussion of Season Five!

[55] Downton Abbey S05 E08 - Till Drama Do Us Part

After the damsels Ooo and Ahhh over Rose's beautiful wedding attire, we get down to some serious topics: Has Lord Grantham had a brain tumor to explain his sudden burst of tolerance and generosity? Where was Aunt Rosamund at the wedding? Was Rose actually a virgin on her wedding day? Also, does anyone care at this point since everyone is boning down out of wedlock!

We try to avoid the topic of Mr. Green, but just like Julian, we can't stay away. Instead, we come up with an elaborate theory that could redeem the whole mess of a storyline. We also share our hopes of Anna meeting the next lady's maid of Downton in her prison cell. So pour a glass of champagne and toast the beautiful bride and groom with us!

[54] Downton Abbey S05 E07 - Douchebag Dinner

[S05E07] - It's Cora's moment to take action this week, as she finally learns the truth about Marigold's existence. We love her bold attitude and sympathy for Edith, but we're not so sure this plan to layer another lie on the situation will help...

Meanwhile, Lord Dickie Merton's offspring (truly a couple of sons of a dick) make yet another scene in the dining room as they protest Isobel's engagement announcement. We're glad to see the family stand up for her (and for the servants to have some juicy gossip), but if we don't get our senior wedding we'll be ready to rage next week.

In happier news, we're glad to see Daisy feeling better about the world, Tony hopefully finally packing his bags and moving on, and Rose and Atticus being adorable as usual...even if the path to a stable marriage may not be as easy as they think. Get rid of your obnoxious relatives and sit back and relax for another episode of Downton Gabby!

[53] Downton Abbey S05 E06 - Cut And Run

Well, the Crawleys may not care about Edith, but the damsels do! We dig in deep to discuss Edith's escape, as well as Mary's rebellious haircut and the long history between these sisters who hate each other. Other secrets come out downstairs, with Bates's discovery of that cunning device hidden in the cottage, and a confession about London that seems a bit too convenient to be true. Anna may have faith in him, but should the rest of us?

Meanwhile, late-in-life romance is still all the rage as we get an accepted proposal (yay!), a private visit to the prince (ooh!), and a real estate deal in the making (uh, okay?!). Grab some ice cream and a glass of champs and be as jolly as you want while listening to the latest Downton Gabby!

[52] Downton Abbey S05 E05 - YUMMY!

After recovering from the shock of the bedroom brawl...I mean, sexy bondage game...I mean, wild chess match, the damsels discuss in depth whether this system is working Edith or if she should just run off with Marigold to London where she can run the magazine and wear fabulous dresses every day.

Although, we are worried that this overstaffed police force will put 100 of their best men on the case to solve the baby snatching! But mostly we discuss cocktails, goiter love poems, and the yummy new man in town with puppy dog eyes: Atticus. So let's be comrades, grab a cocktail from the passing tray and enjoy the discussion of all things big and small!

[51] Downton Abbey S05 E04 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Again)

It's a little topsy-turvy this week at Downton, as we find ourselves on Lord Grantham's side of several issues, starting with the Battle of the Bunting at another awkward family dinner. We may love what she's teaching Daisy, but we can't support any more lectures in the dining room or embarrassment of poor Tom. More bad behavior shows up in London, with Lord Gillingham going full Scorned Nice Guy when Mary tells him he's been banished to the Godfather Zone. What will his next move be as he tries to convince her to tie the knot after all? And will the suddenly very yummy Charles Blake keep sliding back into the picture to complicate matters further?

Luckily not everyone is acting like a jerk this week, as Lord Merton treats us to an adorably sincere proposal for Isobel's hand in marriage. Please say yes so we can see a wedding (and maybe another fashion show while shopping for dresses)! Will the Dowager be able to help her pauper-like prince find some answers? Is there any hope on the horizon for an increasingly distressed Edith or the tragedies of Thomas? Will Molesley get that silver polished in time? Wait for your butler to finish decanting your wine and then join us for another episode of Downton Gabby!

[50] Downton Abbey S05 E03 - Unwanted Epilogue

So much romantic intrigue and crackling dialogue in this episode! Mary's back from Liverpool, but not without that narc Spratt spilling all to Violet who has a thing or two to tell her about that dangers of illicit love. Meanwhile, Anna hides THE THING in her tiny cottage while Tony wonders why Mary hasn't called.

Cora gets an art history lesson from Mr Bricker while Lord Grantham gets his own much-deserved schooling. We finally hear the full story of Baxter's secret shame, as well as Miss Bunting's unsolicited opinion of Russian nobility. While Edith goes over the edge, a bearded Prince from Violet's past shows up to make us all wonder whether she did more in St Petersburg than buy souvenirs. So dust off those relics, pour yourself a big glass of vodka and join us for another episode of Downton Gabby.

[49] Downton Abbey S05 E02 - Lady Boners

Once we got over the Mary's lame cover story (c'mon, sketching is obviously code for boning down), we dived into this scrumptious episode: Anna's involvement in the great diaphragm caper of 1924, Edith's baby snatching Lifetime movie, Queen Bee Dowager of Yorkshire, and #ABoyfriendforBarrow.

Don't worry, we take time to discuss each lady boner in great detail as each new romance blooms in the countryside. So, pour glass of bubbly, sit in your ex-wife's favorite room, and enjoy this rowdy podcast! Oh, but please don't flirt with my dog, thanks.

[48] Downton Abbey S05 E01 - Smutty Deliberations

[Season 5 Premiere] - We're back for another season at Downton Abbey! It's 1924 and Edith's secret love child she not-so-secretly visits is hidden away with the pigs. How long can her story stay hidden? Sex is in the air, as Tony Gillingham approaches Mary with an indecent proposal, and a pushy visitor wants Jimmy in her bed.

Even Isobel might be feeling the pull, as her flirtation with Lord Merton hits a Lady Shackleton-shaped speed bump. Will the future hold more than just dinners-for-one on a tray? Meanwhile, Rose has her matchmaker hat on for Tom, Molesley's offering a shoulder (and a fine Latin head of hair) to Baxter, and Daisy's ready to turn her brain of a kipper into the brain of a winner. You're gonna make it after all, girl! Run upstairs to take off your hat and then join us to find out!</description