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[75] Downton Abbey - #LADA

[Season 6, Post-Finale Celebration] - Withdrawal, denial, grief...There's a Crawley-shaped hole in our Sunday nights, so we're excited that some of our smartest, funniest listeners are helping us deal with Life After Downton Abbey. This 'Very Special Podcast' features your memories, questions and wisecracks about things like: That extremely short period of time when we actually liked Bates; The long and fractious friendship of besties4ever Isobel and Violet; and all those scary appliances, cunning devices, and stylish ladypants that showed us just how inevitable change was.

A huge thank you to this show's contributors*, as well as to all of you who listened, tweeted, facebooked, watched the show with us in sparkly headbands, and otherwise supported the podcast for all these years. Please raise your glasses for a final toast to our beloved Downton Abbey...and to all us crazy fans.

*Thanks to our contributors in order of appearance: Hilary, Jaclyn, Kate, Mike, Jen, Sarah, Paula, Megan, Monica, Valerie, Sara, Vanessa, Melissa, Rebecca, Emily, and Birgit. 

[74] Downton Abbey S06 E09 - Happy Endings

[Season 6, Series Finale] - No more secrets, no more lies-just happiness bursting on the series finale of our beloved Downton Abbey. As the captains of #TeamEdith, we wave our flags as she leaps over the final hurdle to her ride into the sunset (the dreaded mother-in-law test) and crosses the finish line with a gold medal. You are woman, Edith! Go forth and conquer.

Meanwhile, cottages abound, relationships are restored, and everyone (who's straight) is headed for a wedding (if Isobel can break her beloved out of his plaid bathrobe prison)

And in other "excitement": Daisy gets a haircut; Thomas might get to serve cheese again; and a mini murderous Bates is let loose on the world. Maybe we're not so electrified by those downstairs developments, but at least nobody died!

Before you contact us with tips for surviving Life After Downton Abbey (#LADA), raise your crooning voices and a glass of champagne and join us in thanking and berating dear Julian, celebrating this wonderful show, and bidding farewell to the Abbey.

[73] Downton Abbey S06 E08 - Sisters

There were never such devoted sisters! This week we dig deep into the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey and the Mary/Edith throwdown we've been longing for for 6 seasons.

We also ponder some burning questions, such as: Is Henry a dreamboat or a stalker? Has the Yorkshire Bawdy House market become saturated? Is Tom the best Crawley sister? Who would we most like to see die in the finale? And...what the hell is a Marquess? As we rush towards the inevitable finale, relax with a cup of tea at The Adulterer's Table, and enjoy this outspoken episode of Downton Gabby

[72] Downton Abbey S06 E07 - Crash And Burn

A moment of silence for Charlie, not only did he lose his life, but he also put the nail in the coffin on Mary and Mr. Yum Yum's relationship. Well, maybe it was Henry's drunk dialing that did it...

After discussing Chekov's Sports Car, the damsels dig into the other juicy storylines, such as Bertie's proposal (yay #TeamEdith), the bitch showdown with the Dowager, the return of Dickobel, Molesley's new genius status, the lament of poor Thomas, and of course, the reign of Mrs. Patmore as the devious plotter who brought Carson to his knees roasting potatoes for a victorious Mrs. Hughes! So pour a cocktail, put on your penis racing cap and enjoy this latest podcast!

[71] Downton Abbey S06 E06 - House Hunters Yorkshire

This week we find the Crawleys in fine comedic form as they wander cluelessly around the Abbey making stuff up about their paintings. Meanwhile, Mrs Hughes is (hopefully) spitting in Carson's food, Mary and Edith prove they'll never fight over the same men, and Julian dazzles us with his tenuous grasp of obstetric knowledge.

But with only a few episodes left, we have worries: Will this hospital melodrama finally do Granny in? When will Thomas's story stop being so cringeworthy? Will Molesley get that job at Hogwarts? And the biggest question of all: Who is this Downton Librarian and how can we get their job?! Put on your pajamas, take a tray of sandwiches and coffee up to the bedroom, and enjoy this latest Downton Gabby podcast!

[70] Downton Abbey S06 E05 - Bloody Valentine

After we've wiped the blood off our shocked faces, the Damsels dig into this episode jam packed with love and (almost) death. Although we love Mr. Yum Yum, we wonder if he's marriage material, but you won't find us shipping Mary and Tom! No, we are more interested in whether Mary and Edith will finally bury the hatchet and be decent to each other.

Oh, also we are super busy planning the double wedding for Mrs. Patmore/Mr. Mason and Daisy/Andy. Until then, we will relish in all of the love this final season is oozing with (except Bates and Anna, obvi). So, pour yourself a racy cocktail, pop open that book on pig theory, and enjoy this latest podcast!

[69] Downton Abbey S06 E04 - Ladies Who Lunch

Feminism abounds in the new episode of Downton Abbey! Julian, how did you know that the way to make us care about the hospital storyline was to have a group of ladies relate it all to their opinions about government? Meanwhile, Mrs. Hughes is keeping her name, and all that sexy, not-at-all secret flirting between Mary and Mr. Yum Yum is making us flush hotter than a bad transmission (we don't know about cars).

Also this week: a touching trip down memory lane to the saddest but maybe best-written moment in Downton history; a flurry of downstairs drama and dastardly behavior; and a chance to consider the fantasy of where you should bestow your V-card upon your beloved. Spread a little artisanal jam on your toast and join us for the latest episode of Downton Gabby!

[68] Downton Abbey S06 E03 - Say Yes To The Frock

So much love to discuss in this joyous episode, starting with The Big Wedding and Edith's adorable rom-com storyline. Also, lots of drama to dissect: Mary/Tom shipping, #CoatGate, Chekov's indigestion, #RatFetus, Spratt's secret life, Molesley as the Edith of downstairs, and whether Marigold will kill them all in their sleep with her creepy eyes. Let's all stay out of the boot room, raise a glass to Charlie and Elsie, and get this hooli going!

[67] Downton Abbey S06 E02 - Prize Pigs

It's not just Lady Mary's Late Fat Stock that are behaving like pigs this week. We discuss all the jerky goings-on, including Carson insisting on getting married at work, Isobel bickering with Violet-and cock-blocking poor old Dickie, and Barrow getting picked on by almost everyone downstairs.

We also try to figure out how Edith let the whole Marigold mess get so out of hand. We love our #TeamEdith, but even we have limits when you've been farming the land since Waterloo. It's wigs in the grass, people. Wigs. In. The. Grass. At least Lady Mary is helping Anna with her Incompetent Cervix (is anyone else getting sexy vibes from those two? Just us? OK). Put on your tweeds, pour yourself a small beer, and join us for this especially swinish episode of Downton Gabby.

[66] Downton Abbey S06 E01 - Let's Get It On

[Season 6 Premiere] - We're so excited about the premiere of the final season of Downton Abbey (and, to be honest, a bit sad).. Some things haven't changed: Another random evil maid is causing trouble, Carson disapproves of something modern, Mary is testing the limits of propriety, Cora can't get a straight answer to a question...and Anna is crying.

There are also many new developments, and we have questions: Will Lesley Nicol finally get an Emmy nomination for that sex talk? What is the best lube for the menopausal set? Why is Mary reading the Farmer's Stock Breeder at breakfast? Are fabulous silky robes the latest trend...and can we wear them with yoga pants? Is Edith really the Jon Snow of Downton? And most importantly, why is Julian Fellowes trolling us!? So grab a glass of whiskey (and put some soda in it like they do in London), and enjoy this more-raunchy-than-usual installment of Downton Gabby.