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[47] Downton Abbey S04 E08 - Pretty In Pink

[Season 4 Finale] - It's time to bid adieu to another season of Downton Abbey, but at least we get to do it with a metric tonne of diamonds, sparkles, and feathers! Rose is officially being presented, and we expect her to have some top-notch Prince-of-Wales-adjacent shenanigans next season.

Downstairs, it's a whirlwind of work to do, but there's still time for a flirtation for Daisy, a revelation about Bates, and a delightful trip to the seaside for all. Ask your new English cook to hurry up with that fish pudding, and join us for a grand finale on Downton Gabby.

[46] Downton Abbey S04 E07 - Circle The Wagons

When a Grantham lady is in trouble, you know that Granny is going to circle the wagons to protect her. Whether is be a dead Turk in your bed or an illegitimate baby in your belly. And sorry Edith, just because a farmer likes pigs doesn't mean he wants your baby.

We have another thrilling episode of Cora walking around with papers in her hand fretting: F@$%! THE ICE MAN! Also, Molesley and Baxter. And YES, we have a new fan fiction of Thomas' steamy love boat adventure! So turn off our French lessons and pour a glass of champagne for this delightful (and yes, a bit naughty) podcast!

[45] Downton Abbey S04 E06 - Green, Eggs, and Ham

Telegrams never bring good news to Downton, and this week one sends Robert dashing off to America to rescue Cora's brother, with Thomas in tow. The damsels are hoping to at least see some of those strutting ship stewards Mary mentioned -- could this finally be Thomas's chance to get some action?

Up in London, Edith struggles with how to handle her pregnancy. We're glad Aunt Rosamund is on #TeamEdith, but will the rest of the family handle the news so well?

[44] Downton Abbey S04 E05 - Unexpected Visitors

The damsels truly enjoyed the last episode, full of various guests no one saw coming, and gave it a prestigious 8.5 on the sparkly headband scale! Not only did we get to enjoy a rockin' party with a live jazz band, but we also got to see stolen kisses in the hallway, a Dowager/Isobel showdown, and the creepiest face by Cora in DA history!

Also, BITCHY MARY IS BACK! Poor Evelyn, doesn't he ever learn to not bring friends who are cuter than him? He's stuck in the friendzone, AGAIN. However, it's not all glitzy parties and sly flirting, poor Edith is in a family way with the father MIA. As core members of #TeamEdith, we hope that all ends well, but we fear for the worst. Thanks to some new developments, we've also figured out another way that Molesely could be heir to Downton! So, pour a glass of champs, put on your sparkly tiara and listen to this hilarious episode of Downton Gabby!

[43] Downton Abbey S04 E04 - Appliance Apocalypse

A sewing machine and a refrigerator shake the very foundations of Downton this week. In other news: Another week, another new maid! Crafting, fresh-squeezed oj, a mysterious alliance with Thomas -- we're not sure what else Baxter has up her sleeve, but so far, we think we like it. Elsewhere, Anna and Bates are thankfully on the mend. We're ready for this storyline to move along, but we're pretty sure you'll be able to guess which damsel did NOT tear up during their heartfelt reunion.

Upstairs, Mary's looking radiant as another potential suitor pops by, Lord Grantham is getting soft in his old age, and Isobel's picked a new crusade of the week. All seems to be going well...except what's the deal with Edith's mysterious doctor's visit? (We think we might know.) Grab a savory tart from your scary futuristic refrigerator and settle in for the latest episode of Downton Gabby!y!

[42] Downton Abbey S04 E03 - A Can of Whoop Ass

Mrs. Hughes does not mess with manipulative maids -- she annihilates them! (well... and writes them a good reference... but let's not focus on that). Good riddance Edna! Meanwhile Edith has most definitely given up her V-Card (yay!) and unfortunately got caught in her walk of shame (who hasn't been there?!).

We love Rosamund's new-found love of jazz and dancing and wonder if she has had her own walk of shame story. The damsels continue to examine the Anna/Bates storyline and wonder how thin the line is between stalking and romance with the glamourous pirate. Overall, we're happy to see Mary's power color taking over! So, throw on your rompers and grab a glass of champagne (not 5!) and listen to the latest podcast of Downton Gabby.

[41] Downton Abbey S04 E02 - Mr. Green In The Kitchen

After the shock wore off, the damsels gathered their wits and sharp criticism to dissect this upsetting turn of events. As always, we looked at this "plot device" through a feminist lens. Even if the writers don't want to see things from Anna's point of view, the damsels sure will!

Don't worry, it's not all sadness and anger -- we're still drinking and gabbing after all! So we turn our conversation to the lovely house party, which has been given a 10 on the sparkly headbands scale! Who wasn't on the edge of their seat about that jam jar? Which guy would we have made out with at the party?  Who is being corrupted by jazz music? Also, is Moseley the secret heir to Downton?? Grab a stiff glass of bourbon, take a gulp and dig into this sharp episode of Downton Gabby!

[40] Downton Abbey S04 E01 - Lean In, Mary!

[Season 4 Premiere] Another season at the Abbey begins! The damsels are concerned for poor Mary after Matthew's death (although we secretly think she looks fab in black). We're glad most of the family all TeamMary for her to share in running the estate, but we must roll our eyes at yet another letter from beyond the grave.

Over on TeamEdith, we love the dramatic head scarves but worry about her social activities with Mr. Editor. Should she have a chat with Rose about taking certain lady-precautions during an affair? Scandalous! Meanwhile, Molesley's on a chain gang, Mrs. Hughes is up to some classic meddling, Mrs. Patmore's Mixer of the Future might be out to get her, and much much more on this packed premiere! Take a break from practicing your one-step and join us for a great new season at Downton!