[100] Downton Abbey Movie - Downton: A New Hope

[Downton Abbey Movie] The movie! The movie! Shannon, Brandi and Therese are so excited to reunite to talk about the brand new Downton Abbey movie. We couldn’t be more excited–and worried. The chairs need to be set up! Edith’s ball gown is missing! The servants are revolting! And the King and Queen are coming to Downton! On the plus side…#BoyfriendForBarrow.

Join us for all the the sweet, silly, gorgeous, ridiculous details of what we seriously hope will be the first of many more Downton Movies. So put on your tiaras (It’s OK even if you’re not married) and join us for a “Fast and Furious'“ rundown of the new film. NOTE: Spoilers abound so if you haven’t seen it yet, press pause, watch the film, and then come back. On second thought, nothing will really surprise you, so stick with us.