[44] Downton Abbey S04 E05 - Unexpected Visitors

The damsels truly enjoyed the last episode, full of various guests no one saw coming, and gave it a prestigious 8.5 on the sparkly headband scale! Not only did we get to enjoy a rockin' party with a live jazz band, but we also got to see stolen kisses in the hallway, a Dowager/Isobel showdown, and the creepiest face by Cora in DA history!

Also, BITCHY MARY IS BACK! Poor Evelyn, doesn't he ever learn to not bring friends who are cuter than him? He's stuck in the friendzone, AGAIN. However, it's not all glitzy parties and sly flirting, poor Edith is in a family way with the father MIA. As core members of #TeamEdith, we hope that all ends well, but we fear for the worst. Thanks to some new developments, we've also figured out another way that Molesely could be heir to Downton! So, pour a glass of champs, put on your sparkly tiara and listen to this hilarious episode of Downton Gabby!