[41] Downton Abbey S04 E02 - Mr. Green In The Kitchen

After the shock wore off, the damsels gathered their wits and sharp criticism to dissect this upsetting turn of events. As always, we looked at this "plot device" through a feminist lens. Even if the writers don't want to see things from Anna's point of view, the damsels sure will!

Don't worry, it's not all sadness and anger -- we're still drinking and gabbing after all! So we turn our conversation to the lovely house party, which has been given a 10 on the sparkly headbands scale! Who wasn't on the edge of their seat about that jam jar? Which guy would we have made out with at the party?  Who is being corrupted by jazz music? Also, is Moseley the secret heir to Downton?? Grab a stiff glass of bourbon, take a gulp and dig into this sharp episode of Downton Gabby!