[40] Downton Abbey S04 E01 - Lean In, Mary!

[Season 4 Premiere] Another season at the Abbey begins! The damsels are concerned for poor Mary after Matthew's death (although we secretly think she looks fab in black). We're glad most of the family all TeamMary for her to share in running the estate, but we must roll our eyes at yet another letter from beyond the grave.

Over on TeamEdith, we love the dramatic head scarves but worry about her social activities with Mr. Editor. Should she have a chat with Rose about taking certain lady-precautions during an affair? Scandalous! Meanwhile, Molesley's on a chain gang, Mrs. Hughes is up to some classic meddling, Mrs. Patmore's Mixer of the Future might be out to get her, and much much more on this packed premiere! Take a break from practicing your one-step and join us for a great new season at Downton!