[85] Life After Downton - Fairy Tales and Hairy Males

[Life After Downton, Episode 10] - On this month's episode, the damsels discuss the smash hit film Beauty and the Beast, along with the phenomenon of Disney "princesses," and what messages this film genre sends to young kids about their expected (hetero) futures. It's not that we don't like our plucky heroines, emotional musical set pieces, and swoon-worthy declarations of love...but how should the genre evolve as new adaptations keep coming, and reaching such massive levels of success?

We also share many thoughts on drinking etiquette in theaters, inspirational '80s cartoons, and a Greek myth or two, then check in with developments on The Crown season two to remind everyone how to tell a story about a queen that does her justice. Crack open a bottle of vodka, mix it with *anything* but Gatorade, and join us for another lively episode of Downton Gabby!