[91] Life After Downton - No Man's Land

[Life After Downton, Episode 16] - Call it the Wicked Switch of the West: Netflix's Godless was sold as a Western about a town made up of and run by women. What we got was...something else.

In this podcast, we talk about what we liked (ladies in pants! with guns!), what we hated (endless speechifying by the men), and how we'd rewrite it (we have a screenplay to pitch you). Also, is promoting how feminist something is the new thing? We're flattered.

Then we go farther west to Sacramento to discuss the smart and delightful film Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan and directed by Greta Gerwig (Oscar noms, please!) We end this episode with an installment of One Fabulous Thing, including some Downton Abbey fan-girling. So strap on your six-shooters, ask the barkeep for some whiskey, and saddle up for another episode of Downton Gabby.