[78] Life After Downton - High School Confidential

[Life After Downton Episode 3] - The damsels dive into the world of teen shows with special guest Karen Draper who is a YA Author and writes about teen shows on her tumblr. We compare the shows about the rich kids with the shows about the dorks, examine the sexual politics, gush about the bad boys, and decipher the timeless-ness of the themes and why they still appeal to us as adult women.

The podcast opens with 15 minutes devoted to our discussion on Julian's two latest projects: Belgravia and Dr. Thorne. Pour some cheap vodka into a Diet Coke and open a bag of Cheetos because we're going back to high-school!

Karen on Twitter https://twitter.com/kurenable
Karen on Tumblr http://betweenthemap.tumblr.com/
Loving Bad Boys http://www.worshipthefandom.com/content/in-defense-of-rory-jess-and-the-girls-who-love-bad-boys-1