[77] Life After Downton - That's So Julian!

[Life After Downton, Episode 2] - Class! Evil lady's maids! Marrying to save the family pile! Who else could the Damsels be talking about this week but our good buddy Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes and his latest projects.

We have a lot of love for his episode-a-week book series Belgravia, but really can't fully express our hatred for its app. We also stick our toe into his 4-part adaptation of Dr. Thorne and can't decide what's more indelible: Ian McShane's drunken rages, Alison Brie's blue eyes, or Julian channeling Alistair Cooke in his introductions.

Then we check in with one of our very faves, Call The Midwife, as it wraps up its 5th season, dehydrated from all the crying. To finish off, we take a quick look at Game of Thrones and all the badass female characters who are ruling this season (Queen of the North!!).

So go fix your gal pals some Campari with maraschino cherries and settle in for this episode of Downton Gabby.