[76] Life After Downton - If It's Gay, I'll Watch It

[Life After Downton, Episode 1] - The damsels are back to check in on the post-Downton landscape, which luckily already contains Julian Fellowes's next big project (one that would horrify a certain butler if he knew about it). We'll be checking in with Belgravia as it progresses, so stay tuned for more!

Then it's a fab new world as we welcome our first-ever guest podcasters, the delightful Britta Lundin (brittashipsit) and Dave Binegar (davebinegar), to weigh in on the recent controversy surrounding the treatment of queer characters on TV. What's the deal with this Bury Your Gays thing, anyway? How can a new wave of creators and the online fan community bring us into a better era of storytelling? And can we fix all the problems of pop culture's queer representation in just one hour of conversation? Grab a drink, settle in, and join us for the biggest episode of Downton Gabby yet!