[74] Downton Abbey S06 E09 - Happy Endings

[Season 6, Series Finale] - No more secrets, no more lies-just happiness bursting on the series finale of our beloved Downton Abbey. As the captains of #TeamEdith, we wave our flags as she leaps over the final hurdle to her ride into the sunset (the dreaded mother-in-law test) and crosses the finish line with a gold medal. You are woman, Edith! Go forth and conquer.

Meanwhile, cottages abound, relationships are restored, and everyone (who's straight) is headed for a wedding (if Isobel can break her beloved out of his plaid bathrobe prison)

And in other "excitement": Daisy gets a haircut; Thomas might get to serve cheese again; and a mini murderous Bates is let loose on the world. Maybe we're not so electrified by those downstairs developments, but at least nobody died!

Before you contact us with tips for surviving Life After Downton Abbey (#LADA), raise your crooning voices and a glass of champagne and join us in thanking and berating dear Julian, celebrating this wonderful show, and bidding farewell to the Abbey.