[71] Downton Abbey S06 E06 - House Hunters Yorkshire

This week we find the Crawleys in fine comedic form as they wander cluelessly around the Abbey making stuff up about their paintings. Meanwhile, Mrs Hughes is (hopefully) spitting in Carson's food, Mary and Edith prove they'll never fight over the same men, and Julian dazzles us with his tenuous grasp of obstetric knowledge.

But with only a few episodes left, we have worries: Will this hospital melodrama finally do Granny in? When will Thomas's story stop being so cringeworthy? Will Molesley get that job at Hogwarts? And the biggest question of all: Who is this Downton Librarian and how can we get their job?! Put on your pajamas, take a tray of sandwiches and coffee up to the bedroom, and enjoy this latest Downton Gabby podcast!