[80] Life After Downton - HBO's Female Gaze

[Life After Downton, Episode 5] - At long last, it's a new world on HBO, as multiple new shows with women at the helm populate the line-up. Up first, we dive deep into co-creator Lisa Joy's Westworld: is it the new LOST? The new Game of Thrones? Or something altogether fresh? We may not have the answers yet, but we are in the saddle for this journey!

Next, we move on to the new half-hour shows from past faves Sharon Horgan and Issa Rae. We want to love everything these women do, but sadly only one is warming our hearts this time....

Finally, we share some fabulous things, including praise for the oddball of HBO's current offerings (co-created by another pioneering lady, Katja Blichfeld), and a serious rift over the newest season of a trendy drama just out on Netflix. Sidle up to the saloon bar for a whiskey and join us for the latest episode of Downton Gabby!