[66] Downton Abbey S06 E01 - Let's Get It On

[Season 6 Premiere] - We're so excited about the premiere of the final season of Downton Abbey (and, to be honest, a bit sad).. Some things haven't changed: Another random evil maid is causing trouble, Carson disapproves of something modern, Mary is testing the limits of propriety, Cora can't get a straight answer to a question...and Anna is crying.

There are also many new developments, and we have questions: Will Lesley Nicol finally get an Emmy nomination for that sex talk? What is the best lube for the menopausal set? Why is Mary reading the Farmer's Stock Breeder at breakfast? Are fabulous silky robes the latest trend...and can we wear them with yoga pants? Is Edith really the Jon Snow of Downton? And most importantly, why is Julian Fellowes trolling us!? So grab a glass of whiskey (and put some soda in it like they do in London), and enjoy this more-raunchy-than-usual installment of Downton Gabby.