[69] Downton Abbey S06 E04 - Ladies Who Lunch

Feminism abounds in the new episode of Downton Abbey! Julian, how did you know that the way to make us care about the hospital storyline was to have a group of ladies relate it all to their opinions about government? Meanwhile, Mrs. Hughes is keeping her name, and all that sexy, not-at-all secret flirting between Mary and Mr. Yum Yum is making us flush hotter than a bad transmission (we don't know about cars).

Also this week: a touching trip down memory lane to the saddest but maybe best-written moment in Downton history; a flurry of downstairs drama and dastardly behavior; and a chance to consider the fantasy of where you should bestow your V-card upon your beloved. Spread a little artisanal jam on your toast and join us for the latest episode of Downton Gabby!