[67] Downton Abbey S06 E02 - Prize Pigs

It's not just Lady Mary's Late Fat Stock that are behaving like pigs this week. We discuss all the jerky goings-on, including Carson insisting on getting married at work, Isobel bickering with Violet-and cock-blocking poor old Dickie, and Barrow getting picked on by almost everyone downstairs.

We also try to figure out how Edith let the whole Marigold mess get so out of hand. We love our #TeamEdith, but even we have limits when you've been farming the land since Waterloo. It's wigs in the grass, people. Wigs. In. The. Grass. At least Lady Mary is helping Anna with her Incompetent Cervix (is anyone else getting sexy vibes from those two? Just us? OK). Put on your tweeds, pour yourself a small beer, and join us for this especially swinish episode of Downton Gabby.