[61] Downton Off-Season - All The Feelings!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 5] - The Damsels are so emotional, with Joy, Anger, Sadness...and some Hot and Bothered. We start with Pride and Confusion over DOWNTON ABBEY's Emmy nominations and a new pilot for Michelle Dockery. Then, INSDIE OUT fills us with Sadness, which is actually a really good thing (except for our Disgust with the opening short Lava, which is even more sexist than a CBS sitcom). It's Joy versus Anger over Netflix's new sci-fi series SENSE8, but we're all Gratitude for Wolfgang's magical full frontal.

At ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, we're feeling Fear for anyone who messes with Piper, Red and especially Pennsatucky and Boo, and we're Kvelling (with Jewish Joy) over Cindy's religious revelations. How are you feeling? Steal some champagne from the UNREAL set and join us for the many moods of Downton Gabby Off-Season.</description>