[60] Downton Off-Season - Feeling Stabby!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 4] - The Damsels are still on the "Game of Thrones" bandwagon (despite the several public defections) as we talk about the season finale: Jon Snow's really bad day (or is he?), Cersei's epic Walk of Shame, and Arya gettin' stabby with it at the brothel. Why is the girl aggrieved? Maybe it's because this season's GoT had not a single Lady Director. Just a theory.

We continue our Fellowes Film Festival with the Julian-penned "The Young Victoria," a feminist-approved historical romance which had us scrambling to the Wikipedia English Royalty entries so we could get all the first cousins straight. Plus all the Downton news and updates you know you want (Lord Grantham in a leisure suit, anyone?) So grab a drink from the Many-Faced-God (actually, don't) an join us for this rowdy episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season.</description>