[58] Downton Off-Season - Deliciously Nasty

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 2] - The damsels take a trip to Robert Altman's delicious 2001 film Gosford Park, a triumphant Oscar-winning moment for Julian Fellowes, and the inspiration for Downton Abbey. How does his collaboration with the dark and nasty Altman hold up? Which actors laid the foundations for their Downton counterparts? And what is Ryan Phillippe doing in this movie?

From there, the discussion turns to the TV we're watching. How is Game of Thrones streamlining GRRM's unwieldy narrative? Did freshman show Jane the Virgin stick the landing in its finale? Who are we worried about on Call the Midwife? And how will we say goodbye to Peggy Olson, Joan Holloway, and the gang from Mad Men? We're going to need a lot of moral support this Sunday night! Pour a melancholy martini, stare pensively out your office window, and join us for a new episode of Downton Gabby: Off-Season.