[57] Downton Off-Season - Shadow Of A Dick

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 1] - We couldn't stay away from you, dear friends, so welcome to Downton Gabby Off-Season! We'll be here once a month until the final season of Downton Abbey starts (sob!) to discuss news and speculation about what's to come in the Downton world, previous works by our favorite Downton folks, and what other pop culture we're consuming to help us get by.

Today on the podcast, it's all about the surge of springtime shows. Is the storyline on Outlander satisfying us from a feminist and/or a sexytimes perspective? Are the women of Mad Men getting good enough moments to help us slog through the story of Don's latest Mortality Affair? Can we discuss any show's impending finale without revisiting the best and the worst of all finales that have come before?

Plus: A pre-Downton gem from our friend Julian, pubic hair politics, Clone Club doubts, and Call The Midwife's love affairs with Jesus (who surely would have supported our campaign for equal opportunity actor nudity). So mix a gin and Campari cocktail for the gals and join us for the first episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season!