[56] Downton Abbey S05 E09 - Drunk Donk

[Season 5 Finale] - Another season of Downton Abbey must end, but at least there's plenty of crazy action in this finale! (Unless you are a woman who just has to stand there looking pretty while a dude shoots birds)  We've got Lord Grantham becoming unbecomingly emotional, Edith smiling (twice!), and one very sexy man motoring off into the sunset as 1924 comes to a close. 

Who will end the year happy and who will be disappointed? We gnash our teeth over romances lost, speculate about the ones that are blossoming, sigh over losing Tom to America, and wonder if we could possibly maybe for real move on from the prison story lines next year. (Please!) We also debate the Butler Power Rankings, request more time-traveling characters who could guest star, and unveil the winner of our fan fiction spin-off competition! Take a break from all the drunken caroling and join us for one last discussion of Season Five!