[54] Downton Abbey S05 E07 - Douchebag Dinner

[S05E07] - It's Cora's moment to take action this week, as she finally learns the truth about Marigold's existence. We love her bold attitude and sympathy for Edith, but we're not so sure this plan to layer another lie on the situation will help...

Meanwhile, Lord Dickie Merton's offspring (truly a couple of sons of a dick) make yet another scene in the dining room as they protest Isobel's engagement announcement. We're glad to see the family stand up for her (and for the servants to have some juicy gossip), but if we don't get our senior wedding we'll be ready to rage next week.

In happier news, we're glad to see Daisy feeling better about the world, Tony hopefully finally packing his bags and moving on, and Rose and Atticus being adorable as usual...even if the path to a stable marriage may not be as easy as they think. Get rid of your obnoxious relatives and sit back and relax for another episode of Downton Gabby!