[53] Downton Abbey S05 E06 - Cut And Run

Well, the Crawleys may not care about Edith, but the damsels do! We dig in deep to discuss Edith's escape, as well as Mary's rebellious haircut and the long history between these sisters who hate each other. Other secrets come out downstairs, with Bates's discovery of that cunning device hidden in the cottage, and a confession about London that seems a bit too convenient to be true. Anna may have faith in him, but should the rest of us?

Meanwhile, late-in-life romance is still all the rage as we get an accepted proposal (yay!), a private visit to the prince (ooh!), and a real estate deal in the making (uh, okay?!). Grab some ice cream and a glass of champs and be as jolly as you want while listening to the latest Downton Gabby!