[65] Downton Off-Season - The Queens of 2015

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 9] - It's a super-packed conversation in our last episode of the off-season before the (sob) final season of Downton Abbey begins. We're preparing, reminiscing, and predicting, and one of us might be taking a deeper dive into fandom activities than ever before (send 1920s garb now!).

Helping us fill some of the time before the Crawleys and company return is Netflix's Jessica Jones. We dig the themes, the ass-kicking, the piles of well-written women, and the simmering hot Luke Cage-but we do have a few issues, such as whether the 13-episode binge really serves the story, or why Jessica hasn't yet encountered 21st century denim technology.

Finally, to close out the year we each count down our five favorite female characters of 2015. Some picks are predictable, some are surprising, and if you can guess which single character shows up on all three lists, you know us better than we know ourselves. Grab a bottle of bottom-shelf whiskey out of your battered PI desk and join us for one more episode of Downton Gabby Off-Season!