[64] Downton Off-Season - Dance The Shit Out Of It!

[Downton Gabby Off-Season 8] - This episode celebrates The Dance, and who better to title it than Zoe Saldana's epic Eva in beloved teen film Center Stage. We take a nostalgic trip back to that 2000 ballet classic, but first we talk about Starz's (sadly) limited series Flesh and Bone. This story of a simple girl from Pittsburgh who becomes the toast of the ballet world embraces the tropes we love, from the bloody toenails, the aging prima ballerina, and the eating disorders. And some even darker fare, like a Russian mobster with a sex slave racket, the magical homeless person, and a dance company director who reminds us of Deadwood's Al Swearengen (bear with us here).

We also revisit another dance-filled extravaganza Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to see how we feel about the show after 5 episodes (hint: we love it almost more than Rebecca loves Josh, if that's possible). And finally, we check in with the Amazon pilot Good Girls Revolt, about 60s-era women in journalism. Will we find our new Peggy Olsen? It remains to be seen. So grab some painkillers, slip on your toe shoes, and enjoy our latest episode of Downton Gabby Off Season.