[48] Downton Abbey S05 E01 - Smutty Deliberations

[Season 5 Premiere] - We're back for another season at Downton Abbey! It's 1924 and Edith's secret love child she not-so-secretly visits is hidden away with the pigs. How long can her story stay hidden? Sex is in the air, as Tony Gillingham approaches Mary with an indecent proposal, and a pushy visitor wants Jimmy in her bed.

Even Isobel might be feeling the pull, as her flirtation with Lord Merton hits a Lady Shackleton-shaped speed bump. Will the future hold more than just dinners-for-one on a tray? Meanwhile, Rose has her matchmaker hat on for Tom, Molesley's offering a shoulder (and a fine Latin head of hair) to Baxter, and Daisy's ready to turn her brain of a kipper into the brain of a winner. You're gonna make it after all, girl! Run upstairs to take off your hat and then join us to find out!</description