[51] Downton Abbey S05 E04 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Again)

It's a little topsy-turvy this week at Downton, as we find ourselves on Lord Grantham's side of several issues, starting with the Battle of the Bunting at another awkward family dinner. We may love what she's teaching Daisy, but we can't support any more lectures in the dining room or embarrassment of poor Tom. More bad behavior shows up in London, with Lord Gillingham going full Scorned Nice Guy when Mary tells him he's been banished to the Godfather Zone. What will his next move be as he tries to convince her to tie the knot after all? And will the suddenly very yummy Charles Blake keep sliding back into the picture to complicate matters further?

Luckily not everyone is acting like a jerk this week, as Lord Merton treats us to an adorably sincere proposal for Isobel's hand in marriage. Please say yes so we can see a wedding (and maybe another fashion show while shopping for dresses)! Will the Dowager be able to help her pauper-like prince find some answers? Is there any hope on the horizon for an increasingly distressed Edith or the tragedies of Thomas? Will Molesley get that silver polished in time? Wait for your butler to finish decanting your wine and then join us for another episode of Downton Gabby!