[50] Downton Abbey S05 E03 - Unwanted Epilogue

So much romantic intrigue and crackling dialogue in this episode! Mary's back from Liverpool, but not without that narc Spratt spilling all to Violet who has a thing or two to tell her about that dangers of illicit love. Meanwhile, Anna hides THE THING in her tiny cottage while Tony wonders why Mary hasn't called.

Cora gets an art history lesson from Mr Bricker while Lord Grantham gets his own much-deserved schooling. We finally hear the full story of Baxter's secret shame, as well as Miss Bunting's unsolicited opinion of Russian nobility. While Edith goes over the edge, a bearded Prince from Violet's past shows up to make us all wonder whether she did more in St Petersburg than buy souvenirs. So dust off those relics, pour yourself a big glass of vodka and join us for another episode of Downton Gabby.