[43] Downton Abbey S04 E04 - Appliance Apocalypse

A sewing machine and a refrigerator shake the very foundations of Downton this week. In other news: Another week, another new maid! Crafting, fresh-squeezed oj, a mysterious alliance with Thomas -- we're not sure what else Baxter has up her sleeve, but so far, we think we like it. Elsewhere, Anna and Bates are thankfully on the mend. We're ready for this storyline to move along, but we're pretty sure you'll be able to guess which damsel did NOT tear up during their heartfelt reunion.

Upstairs, Mary's looking radiant as another potential suitor pops by, Lord Grantham is getting soft in his old age, and Isobel's picked a new crusade of the week. All seems to be going well...except what's the deal with Edith's mysterious doctor's visit? (We think we might know.) Grab a savory tart from your scary futuristic refrigerator and settle in for the latest episode of Downton Gabby!y!