[42] Downton Abbey S04 E03 - A Can of Whoop Ass

Mrs. Hughes does not mess with manipulative maids -- she annihilates them! (well... and writes them a good reference... but let's not focus on that). Good riddance Edna! Meanwhile Edith has most definitely given up her V-Card (yay!) and unfortunately got caught in her walk of shame (who hasn't been there?!).

We love Rosamund's new-found love of jazz and dancing and wonder if she has had her own walk of shame story. The damsels continue to examine the Anna/Bates storyline and wonder how thin the line is between stalking and romance with the glamourous pirate. Overall, we're happy to see Mary's power color taking over! So, throw on your rompers and grab a glass of champagne (not 5!) and listen to the latest podcast of Downton Gabby.