[19] MAD MEN S05 E12 - We've Come A Long Way Baby

[MAD MEN S05 E12] - The Femmes wrap up Season 5 with a finale that began with high expectations but ended leaving us, like Stan, bored with this dynamic. There were some awesome moments: Peggy bossing around her junior copywriters in a fabulous new red suit, Joan taking charge of the partners' meeting and the spray paint, Roger and Marie, Roger and his ass, and the partners contemplating their future on their new second floor in the best shot of the episode. Unfortunately, the two main storylines, Megan's acting career and Pete and Beth's non-chemistry, were our least favorite of the season, and our girl Sally was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she popped a Midol and hid under the couch again. As we ponder Season 6 (Will Megan leave Don for Hollywood? Will Peggy rule the world? Will Dawn get a storyline of her own?) we leave you with one of our favorite lines of Season 5: "One day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away." We’ll see you next season. In the meantime join us as we sail back to Downton Abbey for their new season.