[15] MAD MEN S05 E06 - Mommy Not So Dearest

[MAD MEN S05 E06] - My Mother, Myse- oh God, I don’t want to be like any of those Mothers! Yes, Marie has a lot of um, talents that she has passed onto Megan. Get your head out of the gutter! I mean that they are both snazzy dressers! Well now that we have that straight…The Femmes break down this family-driven episode where we meet Marie the glamourpuss, discuss the validity of the Quebec accents (luckily we have Canadian experts!), gossip about the new power couple: Roger and Sally, exclaim over the BEST LINE EVER, wonder if Glen will become a serial killer or a computer programmer, and gush over the possibility of Joan and Peggy as besties 4 eva! We leave you with our a preview of the next Mad Femmes based on the stylings of the AMC previews. We hope you enjoy this very special podcast that is all about the mamas and their dysfunctional slutty daughters (hell ya!). Don’t be shy, slip some vodka in our Shirley Temple and enjoy this "dirty" podcast!