[16] MAD MEN S05 E07 - Megan Problems

[MAD MEN S05 E07] - The Femmes are unmoved by this boring episode that asks us to care about Megan's unfulfilled acting dreams. Despite looking good on paper (Rory Gilmore! Pizza Haus! Ginsburg's F-Bomb!) we wonder what the point of it all is. We discuss Megan problems, Pete problems, Don's old fogey problems, and Cool Whip (just try it, already!). In fact, even talking about the episode bores us so much, we temporarily change the channel to Sherlock. But we’re lured back by the prospect of someone's gruesome death by elevator shaft. So light up a joint and slip that Beatles album on the turntable. We hear if you play it backwards, it says "Paul Kinsey is dead"