[13] MAD MEN S05 E04 - Sad Men

[MAD MEN S05 E04] - We first had Betty Puts On a Few Pounds: An American Tragedy and now we have Pete Campbell Has Everything and Still Isn't Happy: An American Tragedy. If last episode was all about the ladies, this episode is all about the MEN and how damn sad they are. Nevermind about civil rights, these men have real problems and the Femmes dig into them. After the shock of Don's PLAID JACKET, the ladies laugh about Lane and Pete's tickle fight, gush about their crushes on both Don and Ken, ask if anyone else thought Ken was writing erotica before he mentioned sci-fi, discuss possible explanations for GUM in PUBES, ponder whether Megan was a porn star, and applaud Joan for handling yet another man-beast with class and dignity. It's cocktail time somewhere in the world so shake a martini, pull up a chair, and listen to the hilarity!